City officials debating necessity of proposed Olive Branch annexation

WATCH: Debate over Olive Branch annexation

DESOTO CO., Miss. — DeSoto County supervisors said they do not support plans for Olive Branch to annex a 50-mile area of the county.

They voted unanimously against the annexation, which would include Lewisburg, Center Hill and Bridgetown.

Opponents of the annexation claim they don’t need the city service. FOX13 also found out they are lawyering up.

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The owner of The Patriot store and cafe told FOX13 he has been hearing a lot about lawyers and the proposed annexation.

“A lot of people are coming together trying to fight this. Everyone is pulling their pennies together trying to fight this or several attorneys actually,” said Justin Person.

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Supervisor Michael Lee is over a large area of the county proposed to be annexed. He said he has done his research, and taxes on homes and car tags would go up should the annexation go through.

“And the people’s concern in that area is, are they going to receive their infrastructure that warrants that tax increase?” Lee said.

Both Lee and Person said people in the county are happy with their coverage by the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department and by the Volunteer fire departments.

They said they don’t need city fire or police. In the meantime, Person said “Say No to Annexation” signs are a hot commodity.

The issue is scheduled to go to court on April 17 in DeSoto County Chancery Court.

There is a large Lewisburg meeting on the issue on Feb. 2.