• City picks up junk piles after FOX13 investigation

    By: Zach Crenshaw


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Piles of junk have been picked up after a FOX13 investigation. 

    It started when a viewer called about curbside trash spilling into the street.                   

    FOX13 discovered mounds of stuff all over the neighborhood. It disappeared Wednesday morning.

    “I feel good because it's in front of my house,” said Benjamin Goodsman.

    FOX13 pressed the city of Memphis for answers, after residents complained that curbside trash was not being quickly picked up.

    As promised, the City of Memphis went over the entire neighborhood and cleaned up most of the piles, including the largest one.

    The city said they are going to fine the homeowner who had the large pile out front, but they are not sure how much. The penalty, they said, will depend on how much debris was collected, as well as man hours and disposal fees.

    “Look at it. Look at the street,” exclaimed Diane Taylor. “Wow, do you see around the corner? Thank you so much.”

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    Taylor spoke with FOX13 on Friday, when she called the stacks of garbage “ridiculous” and said her area had been forgotten. She was in a very different mood on Wednesday though.

    “I was standing in the window and I said, ‘Oh my God, they are picking up.’ I said wonderful,” said Taylor.

    There is still some debris, like tires, in front of homes. The city says it will collect up to four tires, but it may require a phone call and patience.

    Diane is not sweating the rubber though. 

    “I'm very happy, I am very satisfied,” said Taylor.

    For questions about household trash and pick-up, visit the city's website.

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