City to remove bike lane stakes in front of South Memphis home after complaints of dangerous turn

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A South Memphis woman went to FOX13 looking for solutions after going to the City of Memphis about stakes in front of her home she said makes it dangerous to turn.

“I should be able to twirl into my driveway,” said Jacqueline Wynstitt.

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Instead, the 72-year-old, who said she spends 80-percent of her time inside, struggles to navigate around bike stakes in lanes recently put in front of her home.

She told FOX13 the stakes force her to make an abrupt 90-degree turn to get inside of her driveway with no space to veer out of ongoing traffic.

“It’s so uncomfortable for me to get in, visitors don’t even try,” she explained.

Wynnstitt said she reached out to the city about the issue before. They told FOX13 there are plans to remove two of the stakes from in front of her house.

The City of Memphis released the following statement:

The city aware of the issue , the delineator posts have been on this section of Crump Blvd. for nearly three years now. The point of the delineator posts is to provide additional protection to people on bicycles as well as to slow down traffic along the street, thereby creating safer conditions for all users of the street. Even though she may not ride a bicycle, as a user of the street she benefits from the presence of the posts. All that said, we’ve already agreed to remove the one post closest to her driveway.

- Arlenia Cole, Media Affairs Manager