Collierville family hires private investigator after mother missing for 3 weeks

WATCH: Collierville family hires private investigator after mother missing for 3 weeks

COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — A Collierville family has now hired a private investigator to find a woman who disappeared nearly three weeks ago.

Sarah Vinick is 26-years-old and was last seen getting into a pick-up truck outside a house she rented in Cordova.

The family filed a missing person's report and so far, they have found no trace of her. So they hired P.I. Marty Miller.

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“She has talked to her mother every single day for years and then all of a sudden it stops… its getting to the point where it is getting really scary," said Miller.

Miller said the day before she disappeared, Sarah was with a guy that morning and passed out in the car. She said the guy rushed her to Saint Francis Hospital.

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"She has a daughter, she has people who love her. Her momma is beside herself and so is her daddy. Nobody is perfect, and she has some kind of drug issue. She can get better from that, and she can't get better from that if we can't find her," said Miller.

Miller said the trail is running cold.

"I would check rounds, properties and things like that. I would go to different people's properties, and they haven't seen her either," said Miller.

Miller is asking people to keep an eye out for Sarah and if you know something, please come forward.

"This little four-year-old is going to miss her momma if somebody doesn't and momma is going to lose her daughter is somebody doesn't say something."

"I have said a lot of hail Mary's and Our Fathers for this girl every day. I am just hoping that one day it's going to be okay, and we find her but we are not giving up."