• Collierville Schools District presents 3rd redistricting proposal

    By: Lauren Coleman


    COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. - Several parents who live in the Collierville Schools District are not happy with the two redistricting proposals that have already been presented to the public.

    Ala Sarwat lives in the Chrystal Lake Subdivision. 

    His two children currently go to Tera Oaks Elementary, but would attend a different middle school from their friends and classmates if the second proposal is adopted. 

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    "I think it puts an undue burden on these guys to be in the same town essentially going to a new school as if we had picked up and moved to a new school in a different town," Sarwat said. "I really think  it's unfair for middle school children." 

    The district said it has received dozens of comments and emails from parents. 

    During Tuesday night's board work session, the district presented a third zoning proposal. 

    Superintendent John Aitken said this proposal is a hybrid of the first two. 

    "Noticed some common themes about location, neighborhoods and the locations to their schools," Aitken said. "But also the impact of changing middle schools." 

    The newest proposal would move 263 students from Collierville Middle to the New Middle School and 78 from Schilling Farms Middle/New Middle School to Collierville Middle. 

    The new plan also reduces travel distances for those who will be impacted.

    "We tried to stress location as we zoned, but also gave opportunities for kids to remain in their schools and provide transportation," Aitken said. 

    The district will recommend one proposal for elementary and one proposal for middle school to the board at the end of the month.

    Parents said they hope the district can come up with a compromise.

    "I hate that this divisiveness is going on in our community and I hope we come up with a solution that's inclusive of everyone," Sarwat said. 

    The district will present the proposals to the school board for a vote on November 28.

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