• Community center without heat for weeks

    By: Zach Crenshaw


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A Memphis Community Center has been without heat for weeks.

    A community member reached out to FOX13 and said he was concerned, because kids were playing basketball at Glenview Community Center they were wearing winter coats and hats.

    It was a warm February Thursday outside the Glenview Community Center, and Kingston Brisco was in short sleeves.

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    “I’m a personal trainer, I teach self-defense, and I also have an MMA team here,” said Brisco.

    Last month though, Kingston was wearing a coat, pretty much everyone was at Glenview.

    “You would see a lot of people coming in wearing jackets inside of the gym, and they still wear jackets and come work out,” said Brisco. “I think it could be dangerous because all the flu is going around, and you are running, getting warm, then it's cold in there and you come out in this weather. So it's not a really good look.”

    A viewer wrote to FOX13 and said, “It feels like an ice box inside the gym.”

    The center’s employees were not able to talk on camera, but said they want the problem fixed too.

    A City Spokesperson told FOX13:

    “We are aware of this issue, the replacement parts have been ordered and we're actively working to resolve it.

    For Orange Mound regulars like Kingston, the replacement parts cannot come soon enough.
    “I think the city itself should be on top of things like this. Especially when it's one of their local community centers,” he said.

    The city is working on it, but who knows if it will be needed by the time it’s fixed.

    “I hope that they come in and fix the heat soon, but by the time they fix the heat, it's going to be warm,” said Brisco, laughing.

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