Community coming together to combat violent crime in Frayser

WATCH: Community coming together to combat crime in Frayser

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Investigators with the Memphis Police Department are working to solve six Frayser murders in less than a week.

The latest one happened Tuesday night in the 3600 block of Barberry Street. The last seven days in Frayser haven’t been the best for people who live there.

Since April 11, investigators have been on six murder scenes in Frayser.

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Pastor Ricky Floyd told FOX13 for the last three years homicides in Frayser decreased.

“The murder was up 48 percent citywide but in Frayser we were maintaining our 50 percent decrease murder rate since the high of 2016,” Floyd said.

“It’s disheartening and was devastating to hear the report the fact that in one week of time we have doubled our murder rate,” Floyd said.

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Less than two minutes away before the Barberry scene police detectives investigated another shooting death behind Raleigh Egypt High School.

Floyd said since the rash of violence, he’s spoken to several other community leader.

“I’ve talked to all these people today not about the murder rate because we are not waiting for murder to happen. We are trying to give preventative medicine,” Floyd said.

Police told FOX13 none of the shootings in Frayser are connected.

FOX13’s Jeremy Pierre filed an open records request from the City of Memphis to learn the number of homicides in Frayser from the last five years.

“We are trying to get people help, trying to give them hope, trying to make them have a home that they would want to stay at or come to prevent them from going into those streets, man, and having these unfortunate murders happen,” Floyd said.

This Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Floyd is hosting a Frayser Resurgence Block Party to bring the community together, especially in light of the recent violence.