• Community in Collierville testing out cheaper alternative to SkyCop cameras to combat crime


    COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. - Fighting crime has a Collierville neighborhood taking a new approach when it comes to security cameras.

    Instead of using SkyCop cameras, which many communities in Memphis favor, they are testing another option that could end up being more affordable.

    It’s called the “Flock Camera.”

    The camera records the type of car and the license plate. It is cheaper in the short-term than buying a SkyCop camera, and it promises some benefits that has the Southridge Subdivision willing to try it.

    “You see people walking through in the evening going through unlocked cars,” said Harold Booker, with the local homeowners’ association.

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    The association is fighting back by placing two poles at each entrance. Fixed near the top is the Flock Camera, which a solar-powered device.

    If the police want to investigate the vehicle and its owner, they can download a picture from the video stored on the cloud.

    Those cameras cost $3,500 each to lease. Although, a company spokesperson told FOX13 prices can be as low as $2,000.

    For SkyCop cameras, the one-time price can be $6,800.

    Other communities are also testing that system. A group called Tipton Watch plans to lease 25 of those cameras by raising $100,000.

    They hope to have them installed by late October.

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