Community upset with Southaven deadly shooting police report

WATCH: Southaven police release report on deadly officer-involved shooting & community members aren't happy about it

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — Hispanic leaders call for another round of protest surrounding the killing of Ismael Lopez by Southaven police.

Rolando Rostro is the Senior Pastor of La Iglesia Nueva Vida (Church of New Life) which is the largest Hispanic church in the Memphis area.

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He stood in disbelief as he looked through seven pages of the police report.

On Tuesday, FOX13 obtained the report following the deadly police involved shooting of Lopez.

The report is almost completely blank and doesn't give many details of what happened the night Lopez was shot and killed by Southaven Police.

"Everything is wrote up really fast to get something out there to kind of silence everybody down, but in reality it just increases the suspicion," Rostro said. "It just creates more alarm and anger and frustration."

Rostro said he won't be silenced.

Last Thursday, he led a protest outside the Southaven Police Department demanding answers from officials.

One week later, he's set to protest again on Thursday.

"We do not want this to die," Rostro said. "We want to continue to put pressure and put this out there so all the community can see that the people are still frustrated and will not let this go until it's resolved."

FOX13 made several calls to the Southaven Police Department, MBI, and the city attorney on Tuesday and Wednesday to ask when the names of the officers involved in the shooting will be released.

MBI said it's up to the police agency to release the names.

FOX13 has not been given a timeline.

"I understand they might have some safety concerns of the officers," Rostro said.

"But nevertheless the public needs to know what is happening. The public needs to be informed they are public police."

There was no warrant in effect at the time Lopez was killed.

It was later revealed police were looking for Lopez's neighbor Samuel Pearman, who told FOX13's Lauren Coleman in an exclusive interview, he is afraid for his life.

Contrary to police claims, attorneys representing the Lopez family claim Lopez was shot in the back of the head some feet away from his door.

Rostro said it's a cover up.

"The more they do this, the more they have all these inconsistencies in the reporting the more people get riled up," Rostro said.

The protest will be held Thursday at 6 p.m. outside the Southaven Police Department.