Confederate cannons removed from park in downtown Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — More Confederate memorabilia – cannon replicas – were removed from a park in Downtown Memphis.

Four Confederate cannons have been removed from Fourth Bluff Park Wednesday afternoon.

The replica cannons alluded to those used by the Confederacy in the Civil War. The Sons of Confederate Veterans purchased the cannons and put them in the park in 2012.

Lee Millar from the Sons of Confederate Veterans looked on as the cannons were being removed.

“I think it’s a shame the city has got to erase all of the city history,” Millar said.

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The Sons of Confederate Veterans are currently in a legal battle with the City of Memphis and the owners of the park, Memphis Greenspace Incorporated.

Millar says removing the Confederate history from the parks is against a court injunction.

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“I think it’s disturbing that anything historical has got to come down and parks have to be devastated and get cleaned out,” Millar said.

Memphis Greenspace CEO and Shelby County Commissioner Van Turner said removing the cannons and all other Confederate memorabilia is a strategic move to keep it safe.

“There are a number of scenarios that can work out and a number of ways museums can accept these items,” Turner said.

The statue came down after the city of Memphis sold the park.

Turner says it’s time for a new beginning with this park and it starts now.

“It’s looking good, it’s a clean slate now. We are going to allow Memphians to decide what they want in this space,” Turner said.

Because the Sons of Confederate Veterans have provided receipts that they purchased the cannons, the replicas will be transferred back to them.

On Saturday, the pedestal that held the Jefferson Davis statue was removed.

The Jefferson Davis and Nathan Bedford Forrest statues were removed last year.