Congressman Cohen calling for Trump's impeachment following Charlottesville comments

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Area Congressman Steve Cohen told FOX13 he wanted President Trump out of office and plans to introduce articles of impeachment.

Cohen, a democrat, said the president can't identify domestic terrorism. Mr. Trump's speech about the violence in Charlottesville helped him make that decision.

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The president’s remarks about the violent clash among white supremacists and activists has not gotten positive reviews although Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker thought it was on point.

Wicker told FOX13, "Clearly the president denounces racism, the KKK, white supremacist groups and he has made that clear.”

Across the political isle and state lines, Congressman Steve Cohen said the president's speech shows Mr. Trump can't identify domestic terrorism and as the president is unable to protect the country.

He promised to introduce a resolution to begin the process of impeachment based on past controversy and now this.

Cohen said, "If you can't even identify domestic terrorist and equate the American protestors with American values he is not capable of leading us.”

But the impeachment process is not designed that way. It takes support of the Speaker of the House, half of the House of Representatives and two-thirds of the senate.

Constitutional Law Professor Steve Mulroy told FOX13 the framers of the constitution made it difficult to remove a president on purpose because, "Clearly it was contemplated that there needed to be a certain amount of stability in the office of presidency."

Cohen wants hearings but when asked if he believes the chairman of House Judiciary Committee will be a supporter.

"No I don’t think he will. I think it is more likely that we will have snow tomorrow,” said Cohen.