Congressman Cohen makes case for Trump impeachment

WATCH: Local law makers speak on national issues

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Congressman Steve Cohen was in Memphis Friday on recess from Congress. We wanted to take that opportunity to ask him several questions; about vaping, about the economy, and also President Trump’s impeachment investigation.

“Do you support the impeachment investigations underway,” I asked.

"I most assuredly support them, and in fact I support the impeachment of Donald Trump," he said.

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Congressman Cohen told me he supports impeaching President Trump, not just because he asked the leaders of foreign governments to investigate Joe Biden, a political rival, but also for obstructing Congress by not turning over documents related to their investigations.

"He's the most impeachable president in history, and he's now threatening our national security by subverting the Constitution and trying to use his power for his political advantage." Adding, "It makes us look like a second-rate nation. Third rate country, Banana Republic."

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"A lady stops me and says, 'I wish Cohen and the others would just leave President Trump alone. Let him do his job. Quit dragging him through the mud,” I said. Explaining a situation I’d just been a part of. Adding, “do your constituents, for the most part, believe that, or do you think they want you to keep pressing for accountability from the Trump administration?"

"My constituents, by an overwhelming majority, favor me pursuing justice and American values of due process and the rule of law."

He says that means using the impeachment process, granted to congress by the Constitution.

We then turned our discussion to issues more pressing for Memphians.

The Trump administration has touted low unemployment and high job creation numbers.

I asked him why, in a city like Memphis, it doesn't feel as though much has changed.

"We have a lot of poverty here. We have a lot of problems. We got a lot of help out of the Obama Administration, but we need more help. There are a lot of southern cities that need federal help with housing, with economic development, with job training, with healthcare, with infrastructure. We're not getting that,” he answered finally.

Both Senator Marsha Blackburn and Congressman David Kustoff were in Memphis Friday for an event at Union Row with HUD Secretary, Ben Carson. We reached out to both of their offices while they were here, asking if they’d be willing to speak with us on-camera. To ask those same questions we asked Congressman Cohen. Both of them declined.

We also discussed the vaping epidemic, the climate crisis, and other issues surrounding the impeachment investigation.