• Congresswoman works to make sure servers keep their tips

    By: Dorey Scheimer


    You give good service to your customers, you get tipped. 

    That's how it works for servers in restaurants and other industries across the country. 

    There's a plan in Washington to make sure what those workers earn is there’s to keep.

    Congresswoman Katherine Clark said, “If you are working for tips and that it’s your service that’s bringing the tips in that those should be yours."

    Clark was behind the new bill that would ban employers being able to keep workers' tips.  
    FOX13 told you back in December about the labor department proposal that could also force employees who make at least minimum wage to share their tips with other employees who don't earn tips. 

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    “I think we were all very concerned when the Trump administration made it legal for managers and owners to keep the tipped wages of their employees,” said Congresswoman Clark.

    The rule rolled back Obama-era guidance that said employees could only be forced to share tips if everyone sharing, earned them. 

    Clark pressed Labor Secretary Alex Acosta at a hearing this week. 

    Clark said,” Personally I don’t think many restaurants would do this because they’d lose their workers and they’d lose their customers.” 

    Acosta told lawmakers he would support a bill like Clark's. 

    “No one wants or believes that establishments should keep tips,” Clark said. 

    So why did the Labor department propose the rule if the labor secretary supports reversing it?

    He said the reason the department issued the rule is because of a legal battle over the department regulating tips. 

    The National Restaurant Association told us it supports plans that prevent establishments and non-hourly employees from keeping or sharing any portion of a tip.

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