• Construction ahead of new grocery store giving Memphis drivers headaches


    A popular grocery chain is making its way to the Mid-South, though the construction has plenty of Memphians frustrated. 

    Trader Joe’s is working on its first location in Memphis. They are building on what used to be another grocery store, and drivers say it's causing headaches. 

    Drivers told FOX13 they are struggling to get to their favorite spots in the shopping plaza. 

    Construction is underway, and nearby businesses are already underwhelmed. Michael Accardi works in the plaza and said he sees the frustration every day. 

    “If you’re coming up here just to eat, it gets really packed,” Accardi said. “Like it’s bad.” 

    The work being done for the Germantown Trader Joe’s has stripped the plaza of parking spots. 

    Customers like Moira Shoemaker are having to arrive earlier for workouts and appointments. 

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    “You have to get here really early,” Shoemaker said. “So usually I try to get here 20 minutes early because if you wait, everything is all booked and the later in the day the worse it gets.”

    Residents said they hope the development company considers adding additional parking spaces.  

    “If they don’t put a parking lot right there, I will be mad,” Accardi said. 

    The construction shut down the entrance on Exeter Road. The only way in and out of the plaza now is on Poplar Avenue.

    “On my way in today, someone almost hit me because there’s too much traffic going around that corner now because they closed that entrance,” Shoemaker said. 

    Not many people agree with that move. 

    “I don’t know why they’re closing that off because I always come in to work through that way,” Accardi said. “It’s just like a hassle to go all the way around to come this way.” 

    Trader Joe’s hasn’t announced an grand opening date yet. 

    The Container Store will also be starting work in this plaza as well. 

    So, it’s not certain how much longer these businesses will have to deal with the limited parking.

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