• Construction crews tackle safety problems near Overton Park

    By: Siobhan Riley


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - By now, you’ve probably noticed crews working on construction at Poplar and Tucker near Overton Park.

    That project will likely be completed in about two weeks.

    FOX13 spoke with pedestrians who said that area is a safety concern.

    Crews are working on putting a sidewalk along Poplar to help tackle some of those safety concerns. 

    People who oversee Overton Park said they have seen pedestrians walking between cars and nearly getting hit.

    Shanetria Smith who catches the bus to work everyday has to walk through Overton Park to get to her job. She said not having sidewalks in this area along Poplar is not only dangerous, but it brings back painful memories because she fears what happened to her friend could happen to someone else.

    “But it still bothers me to this day. I lost a friend back in 2016 to a hit and run out on Getwell Road and I know it cost his family a lot of pain and suffering,” she said.

    Crews are widening the median at Poplar and Tucker. The goal is to make it easier on pedestrians and those who catch the bus in the area.

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    “Because there’s no way that I can get to the bus stop so it causes me to miss the bus or the bus driver not to see me,” she said.

    Those who oversee the park said this causes a lot of confusion resulting in cars piling up at the park entrance. They said adding a curb extension and sidewalk should help with that.

    “Plus, it’s hot out here, we actually have to stand at the bus stops, wait 30 minutes to an hour if we do miss one of the buses."

    The area will also make it easier for people who are in wheelchairs to access the park.

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