Construction waste dumped on vacant lot in Whitehaven neighborhood

WATCH: Whitehaven illegal dumping

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Whitehaven residents said they’re fed up with illegal dumping on their block. Residents told FOX13 several rolls of manufactured housing insulation were dumped on a vacant lot along Whitehaven Lane.

“I hate seeing it because I grew up here when there were young people and everyone took care of their property and now it’s a different story and it hurts me it really does,” said Shirley Holliday, longtime Whitehaven resident.

Holliday said the pile of construction waste is right next to her daughter’s home. She said they called 311 and emailed Mayor Jim Strickland and County Mayor Lee Harris about the trash.

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FOX13’s Kirstin Garriss called the City of Memphis about this trash and a spokesperson said the trash is on private property, so city crews can’t pick it up yet.

The city has to give the property owner five days to clean it up first which that means the debris will sit here over the weekend during the potential rain storms.

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“It’s going to be heavier and I don’t know what’s it,” said Holliday. “As it rains, does it go into the ground? What is it doing to us health-wise?”

A Shelby County Health Department spokesperson said a member of environmental health bureau will check it out but Holliday hopes they don’t wait too long to investigate.

“I don’t know what it’s doing to the environment and if it stays there long enough it has to be a problem,” she said.

City code enforcement is expected to investigate this vacant lot on Monday.