• Counties across Mississippi preparing for flooding as storms move through

    By: Tom Dees


    MISSISSIPPI - Heavy downpours are causing flash flooding in Grenada County, Mississippi. Those Floodwaters are putting roads and homes in water.

    FOX13 travelled to both DeSoto and Grenada counties, where some areas are already seeing floodwaters and others are preparing.

    On I-55 near Papermill Road in Grenada County, road crews were putting out flood warning signs as the waters from the Yalobusha River crept ever closer to the interstate. MHP told FOX13 they are keeping a close eye on the water.

    They aren’t the only ones. 


    FOX13’s Tom Dees met Chris Haywood. He had to wade back into his house Friday get some important things.

    “I came down here to get my dog, but they said the fire department got my dog, so now I gotta get my wallet with all my information in it.” Haywood said. 

    The FOX13 crew waded back in to Chris Haywood’s house with him. His place is one of more than a dozen homes flooded out in Grenada. He and his wife fled Thursday night when the water started getting high.

    “I am kind of nervous, but I got to get to get my stuff. They say it happened before like 15 years ago,” Haywood said.

    The water had not gotten into Haywood’s house yet. He considers himself lucky and told FOX13 he is staying in a hotel room his church is paying for. 

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    “This is the first time it has ever done this. I have been here for three years and this is the first time it has ever done this,” he said.

    The Grenada County EMS told FOX13 the Lewis Johnson Senior Citizen Center has been turned into a Red Cross Shelter for flood victims.

    In DeSoto County, the Emergency Services swift water rescue team is on standby.  They could end up responding anywhere in the northern half of the state.

    “We have activated our response for swift water and floodwater rescue. Our equipment is ready, and we are ready to respond in DeSoto County as well as across north Mississippi as needed,” Division Chief Ben McMinn told FOX13.

    McMinn said the team is ready. Their gear bags, helmets and dry suits are packed should they get called out.

    These guys aren’t rookies. They have handled flooding disasters out of state as well. 

    “Our most recent deployment was to Panama City for Hurricane Michael last fall,” McMinn said.

    Of the challenges they deal with is the threat that the water presents as it changes from moment to moment during a flood. 

    “Some of the dangers we have to watch out for with floodwaters is it’s really just what is under the water. We could be responding to a water emergency on the highway or off the side of the highway,” McMinn said.

    McMinn told FOX13 one of the most treacherous things the team deals with is shifting currents while in a boat working a rescue during floods. 

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