One candidate says video suggests Mid-South voting machines might be 'rigged'

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A video from inside a voting booth, had one Shelby County candidate questioning the election machines.

The election commission is refuting that claim, and said it was user error, not a machine problem.

It is a grainy video, taken by a Terry Roland supporter, then texted to the county commissioner Wednesday morning.

“And it said urgent. So I looked at it and you can clearly see they would take the stylist and press my name, but David Lenore's name would come up,” said Terry Roland, who is running for county mayor.

Terry believes it shows a machine malfunction.

“At that point I knew we had a problem,” said Roland.

The Shelby County Election Commission wanted to make sure there were no deeper problems.

“We checked the machines, we took them out of service. We checked them. They were fine. We watched some other voters vote. No voter claimed any problems,” said Linda Phillips, who leads the

Shelby County Election Commission.

Phillips had a different explanation.

“In these cases it is almost entirely voter error,” said Phillips. “So that is why there is a stylist attached to every machine. And my message is to use the stylist. Touch it in the middle of the box, don't use your fingers. And then check the summary screen and make sure your votes are reflected as you wanted them, on that summary screen.”

Roland agrees there.

“I'm just telling everybody to look before you hit cast a ballot so it's whoever you're voting for,” said Roland.

Roland claimed he has been the victim of voter fraud before.

“I worked for in the election commission for 20 years as an election inspector. So I know all the tricks.

And I'm going to make sure they are not played on me this time,” said Phillips.

Phillips said while the machines are at least 13 years old, they are still reliable. She encouraged others to get out and vote, but not with their cell phones out.

“Yes, it is still illegal to use your cell phone inside a polling place,” said Phillips.

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