Couple sues Graceland for $75,000 after miserable vacation

WATCH: Couple sues Graceland for $75,000 after miserable vacation

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Swiss couple is suing Graceland, claiming a fire alarm during their visit left a man with hearing loss that's damaging his marriage.

According to the lawsuit, the husband visited Graceland last October with his daughter.

They stayed in the Guest House at Graceland for a few days.

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The couple said the fire alarm went off, and they struggled to quickly find an exit sign. He said they wandered around for about 30 minutes with the alarm still blasting.

Once it stopped, he said he suffered from bad ringing in both ears that's been officially diagnosed as tinnitus.

The lawsuit claimed the man now has to take prescription strength sleeping medicine that has damaged his work life.

He also said the medical condition causes mood swings and other issues that have caused marital problems.

The couple is seeking $75,000 in damages.

FOX13 has contacted Graceland about the lawsuit. Stay with us for updates.