• Court documents reveal how police in New Mexico captured a wanted Memphis father


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - After a 9-year-old girl was forcibly taken from Northaven Elementary school, authorities found Za'Myiah White in Grants, New Mexico.

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    Grants officers tracked down Brenton White through his cell phone, they discovered he was at a Sonic Drive-In.

    Investigators said they found White parked in a stall when he was approached by officers.

    Deputies told FOX13 the suspect began fidgeting in the vehicle, then started to back up. The deputies then asked Brenton White to exit the vehicle, but he did not comply and continued to back-up the car.

    The officer then attempted to open the driver's side door, but it was locked.

    White then attempted to drive around the Sonic parking lot at a high rate of speed, however, officers barricaded the exits and entrances.

    The suspect then drove on to the pedestrian walkway to escape police, however officers deployed spike strips that made contact with both drivers' side tires.

    White continued the drive down further down the street. Officers attempted to slow the vehicle down by boxing him in.

    Deputies also noticed a small child in the back seat standing up, looking back at the deputies cars. 

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    White then continued down a highway with two deflated tires.

    Once police caught up with with Brenton White, he locked the car doors and grabbed his child, Za'Myiah, from the backseat. Officers said the suspect then used Za'Myiah as a shield for his own self-defense.

    Authorities then broke the window and took the child from Brenton White. Officers then tased Brenton and took him into custody.

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