Cover charge for Beale Street could be returning

WATCH: Beale Street Bucks could return

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — “Beale Street Bucks,” the cover charge that once existed to get onto one of the most popular streets in Memphis, could be making a return.

Some on the council got rid of it, claiming the cover targeted black patrons.

A security consultant studying the issue pitched the idea of forcing people to pay a cover charge just to get onto the street to City Council members.

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One of the issues the consultant said could be solved with Beale Street Bucks is “stampeding,” which is caused by a large group of people reacting to something.

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Some merchants on Beale Street also agreed action needs to be taken because the cover charge worked in the past.

“We have had eight stampedes this year without any charging, and we have had property damage and personal injury,” said Joellyn Sullivan, a merchant.

However, several council members were not completely on board with the idea of bringing it back.

The city council delayed accepting the recommendation for two weeks, so they can review the study and all options presented.

The council did approve the purchase of “ballers,” which are objects used to prevent cars from driving on the street. They cost $600,000.