• Crash victim runs from accident scene after flipping vehicle on I-240

    By: Jacque Masse


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A man was seen on video getting out of a flipped car and then making a run for it on I-240.

    The video was taken near the Getwell exit on Monday around 11 p.m. 

    It was pouring rain outside and a woman in the video helps the man crawl out of the car.

    He then makes a run for it by hopping over the barrier and begins running southbound on Getwell Road.

    The video was shared thousands of times on Facebook. 

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    “I was shocked when I see it, because why would he run for it,” said Decorian Fields. 

    Police told FOX13 the man’s Volkswagen hydroplaned then rolled over, and that he was bleeding from his abdomen.

    A gun was also found on the scene but it’s unclear if it belonged to the man or not.

    Officers said they are unsure why the man ran in the first place.

    FOX13 asked police if they believed the car was stolen. They said nothing was noted in the police report. 

    The gun was taken to 201 Poplar property and evidence.

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