• Credit card skimmers: How you can use Bluetooth to detect them


    SHELBY, N.C. - Bluetooth technology can be used to detect credit card skimmers at gas stations and ATMs, according to a North Carolina police department.

    The Shelby Police Department posted a warning about skimmers on their Facebook page. It’s a relatively common practice for law enforcement, but the advice about Bluetooth technology was something different.

    The department said many skimmers use Bluetooth, but you can in turn use the technology to detect those types of skimmers.

    To check, turn on the Bluetooth setting on your phone and check for nearby devices. If your phone detects a device with a “long string of letters and/or numbers,” it may indicate there is an active skimmer.

    In any case where you suspect a skimmer is on a gas pump or ATM, inform the business and call police.

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