Crime commission report shows decrease in violent crime rate in Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — New numbers show violent crime is down across the city and Shelby County, according to the Memphis Shelby Commission Crime report said.

Overall violent crime is down, but offenses like murders and aggravated assaults are up compared to this same time last year.

Charlie Caswell, Executive Director at Legacy of Legends DC, told FOX13 when he looks around the neighborhood it looks like things are getting better in Frayser.

"Community coming together and taking ownership of crime. In the sense of getting more neighborhood watches, having meetings regularly with our police department," said Caswell.

He said some of that progress is reflected in the latest report from the Memphis Shelby Crime Commission, but there's still more work to do.

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From January to the end of September, there was a decrease in the number of rapes and robberies in the city.

There was a slight increase in murders and there were 173 more aggravated assaults this year compared to the same time frame last year.

"When you think about the murders right, if its just one, how could have been prevented? What could we have done? The domestic violence, what could have been done to reach the family?"

Caswell said his nonprofit is working to address some issues at the root of crime, like trauma and poverty.

He said his office gets as many as 15-20 calls a week from families asking for support.

"Giving people opportunities that can actually give them better quality of life I think that's going to continue to cause the crime to go down. If you look at the communities with the better income levels, they have less crime and communities with the worst income have the most crime, so it's that survival mode."

The report also showed an almost six percent decrease in domestic violence in the city and the major property crime rate dropped in the city and county as well.