• Crime is on the rise on Mud Island

    By: Lauren Coleman


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - It was a calm Friday afternoon in Mud Island, but one woman who didn't want to be identified said it's not always as calm due to recent acts of violence in the area.

    "Somebody was just murdered, homes are being broken into, cars are being broken into everywhere," she said.

    She's currently building a fence after her cars and home were vandalized just a few weeks ago. 

    Pictures show the car windshield smashed in and plants from the yard thrown all over the cars and carport.

    In addition to the fence, she's even set up new security cameras. 

    "Still very shocking and things keep on happening," she said.  "So you know I'm just trying to take action to protect myself and be safe." 

    Tuesday night 56-year-old Susan Grissom was shot and killed in her Mud Island home. 

    On Friday, police released images of a man they say tried to use her debit card at a gas station. 

    The incident has neighbors on edge.

    FOX13 did some digging and discovered police were called to the area 151 times in the last 90 days including 16 calls for burglaries and 22 for vandalism. 

    Considering Tuesday's homicide, residents said they're working on ways to help increase security in the neighborhood.

    "Well we try to watch out for each other down here and I think we do a pretty good job of it," one neighbor said.

    "I imagine we'll continue doing that."

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