Crime Stoppers offering $26K reward for information about murder of Memphis businessman

WATCH: $26K reward fro information in murder case.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Local authorities are offering a $26,000 reward for information that leads to who killed a prominent Mid-South businessman.

Glenn Cofield was shot in a church parking lot Friday night as he was leaving a fundraiser off East Parkway North.

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Crime Stoppers executive director Buddy Chapman said $25,000 comes from private donations while $1,000 comes from Crime Stoppers.

This is the third time Crime Stoppers recently offered a $26,000 reward.

“Someone needs to come forward to tell us what happened in this case and who did it,” said Chapman.

Memphis police said a suspect in a hoodie tried to rob Cofield in the parking lot of Greater Lewis Street Church at the corner of East Parkway North and Poplar Avenue.

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The suspect drove off in a dark-colored car.

“One of the things we simply must address in this city is these predatory groups that go around where they think people are – who have valuables, who have money, who have valuable cars,” said Chapman.

Police haven’t received any tips or calls at this time.

With private donors stepping forward, this is the third time Crime Stoppers has offered $26,000 for information that leads to an arrest.

“Street corner murders, drug deals gone bad, arguments over money these are not in the same category, in this case the circumstances are totally different,” said Chapman.

Police said any information helps.

“It could be one digit on the tag number, it could be an accurate description of the color of car. It could be a description of was it one person, three people or five people,” said Chapman.

Crime Stoppers has offered $26,000 awards in two other cases – the murder of Layla Washington and murder of Susan McDonald.

Police made arrests in both cases.

Officials emphasized that anyone who calls will remain anonymous. You can reach them at 528-CASH.