• Cross-country custody battle for twins continues

    By: Tom Dees

    A major custody case is put on hold as the father of twins, accused of kidnapping them is still in custody in California.
    FOX13 spoke to the man's family who insisted he is not a criminal.

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    6-year-old twins, Aaron and Ariana Young need a permanent guardian.
    Their mother died earlier this year, and their father, Aaron Young, Sr. took them to California.
    That move caused a cross country custody battle that as of right now, has him in jail charged with kidnapping the twins.
    On Thursday, Young and  Claiborne Williams, the twins' aunt, were supposed to appear before an Arkansas judge to figure this whole thing out, but Young is not there, yet. So, the judge delayed the proceeding.
    Now, his family said Young is being labeled a criminal.
    "I feel like it was completely one-sided, that they are steady slandering his name, and I feel like somebody needs to get his side of the story," said Eric Greene, Young's cousin.
    Greene told FOX13 that Young never kidnapped the twins. 
    Other family members who would not go on camera called the charges bogus.
    "When the mother died legally, he was the father. He is the father, and legally, he is the guardian," Greene said.
    In the end, Greene told us Young's family got what they wanted. They want him in court for the custody hearing.
    "Yes, we just wanted him to be able to represent himself instead of them getting permanent custody, and he wasn't down here to fight for himself," Greene said.
    In the meantime, two 6-year-olds are left wondering who they are going to live with. 

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