• Crosstown High School students walked out of class to protest administration

    By: Kirstin Garriss


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Dozens of students from Crosstown High School walked out of class and handed administrators a list of concerns and demands on Friday.  

    Students said they’re calling on the administrators to address their concerns about new changes that may be segregating students.

    “We as have to take control of our own education and if no one else, if we don’t do it no one else will,” said Vera Brown, Crosstown High School sophomore. 

    A Crosstown High School student sent FOX13 video from the walkout and the town hall that followed with the school’s principal.

    Student organizer Vera Brown said one of their main concerns is about the new cohort model and how is being implemented.

    Brown said the 10th graders are divided into two groups, one cohort is mostly African American and minority students, and the other one is mostly white.

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    Additionally, she said she’s noticed more resources going to the cohort with more white students. 

    During the walkout, Brown said it was empowering to come together as a student body to call for change.

    “Sometimes I feel like the things that I do and the things that me and my peers do together can’t really make an impact but doing this today like really showed me that the things we do, do have value, and we can make our voices heard, and we can be treated as adults,” said Brown.

    Brown said student organizers will be meeting with more administrators on Monday. 

    FOX13 also reached out to the board of directors for Crosstown High School for an interview about the list of concerns and the walkout, but we didn’t get a response. 

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