• Dangerous 48 hours leaves 13 injured, puts extra strain on police

    By: Jim Spiewak


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A violent weekend in Memphis now means an increased case load for detectives.  

    They need to find out who shot the 13 people that are recovering from gunshot wounds right now.  

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    Those 13 people were shot in Memphis in less than 48 hours.

    Mike Collins, a former law enforcement officer, said, “I think that's got to be a tremendous problem.”

    At the beginning of the year, MPD had 20 homicide investigators.

    Collins said it’s likely at least one shows up to most shootings.  

    “It's highly unlikely just one investigator would be out there investigating. I don't see that happening. You need multiple people to go out there on a particular crime scene.”

    Collins said spreading resources that thin, when so many shootings happen in a short period of time, can make it harder for police to quickly solve crimes.

    “I know the case loads are very high and the personnel are very low, so those particular dynamics make it very hard to keep up with that type of level of crime.”

    As of right now, there are no arrests. We reached out to MPD for comment, they did not respond. 


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