• Day after Lorenzen Wright's accused killer is in jail, mom visits gravesite

    By: Scott Madaus


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - The man accused of shooting and killing Memphian and NBA star Lorenzen Wright is in jail, and Lorenzen's family is finally able to come to some sort of peace. 

    Wednesday morning Wright's mom went to his grave side to tell him the news. 

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    Debora Marion told FOX13 she is filled with joy.

    “I'm so glad I can fly these balloons with joy now,” Marion said.

    Wearing her son's game worn Grizzlies jersey, Deborah Marion stands with her son Lorenzen at Calvary Cemetery in South Memphis just one day after an arrest was made in Ren's 2010 murder.

    46-year-old Bill Turner was arrested Tuesday afternoon in connection to Wright’s murder. However, Wednesday is about much more than that. 

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    Deborah told FOX13 not a day went by where she even entertained the thought of giving up. She said when she got to his grave Wednesday, she had one thing to tell him.

    “Lord, we did it. We up and got them. We got these people that did this to you, I’m going to have them serve time like you are doing,” Marion said.

    So, at the end of this day, 27 days after the murder weapon was found, and 7 and a half years after Lorenzen’s death, Deborah has resolution. 

    “Yes, indeed, one day I’ll be right here beside him right here surely will,” Marion told FOX13.

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