Delta flight stuck on tarmac for hours because of possible fuel feud

WATCH: Delta flight stuck on tarmac for hours because of possible fuel feud

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Delta flight leaving Memphis for New York was grounded for almost two hours because of weather and a fueling feud.

The airline said it was related to a staffing issue with its fueling contractor company.

FOX13 spoke with one of the 76 passengers on the flight, Kelsey Beagle, who said, “it’s just been crazy, sitting here for two hours waiting to get fuel when there were obviously trucks that could have brought us fuel.”

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Beagle said the flight crew told them the delay was because of a dispute within the fueling company.

“You know, I understand if you have an issue that you obviously want to be seen and heard, but the pilot has no control over that, the passengers don’t have control over that, we don’t even know what the issue is so it just seems silly that they’re possibly doing this on purpose when it won’t do anything but make people upset.”

A spokesperson with Delta Air Lines sent FOX13 a statement apologizing to its customers and said the delay was caused by, “weather impacting the northeast and a staffing issue with the fuel contracting company.”

Luckily, Beagle’s other travel plans weren’t impacted by the delay, but she said, “I’m sure there are people who have big plans tonight and paid to see a show or anything, and they could possibly miss it and New York is a big city, could be taking you to Europe could be anywhere. and we’re just sitting here over a silly fuel truck.”

Delta said the weather and staffing issue didn’t impact any other flights leaving Memphis.