• DeSoto County deputies being investigated for involvement in sex scandal

    By: Greg Coy


    DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. - Two DeSoto County Sheriff’s deputies are under investigation for sexual misconduct.  

    FOX13 has learned the probe began when someone from Olive Branch Police Department tipped off the sheriff about the sex scandal and the accusations of involvement by two of his deputies.  

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    On Wednesday, multiple law enforcement sources confirmed to FOX13 that eight officers and a fire lieutenant in Olive Branch were forced to resign for having sex on job in squad cars and at the fire station.  

    DeSoto County Sheriff Bill Rasco told FOX13 he started the investigation of his deputies on Saturday while he was away.  

    “We started our investigation as soon as I found out about.”  

    FOX13 has learned someone from Olive Branch Police Department named two deputies and accused them of having sex on the job with an Olive Branch police officer.  

    Sheriff Rasco said if the accusations are true, then the deputies will be fired.  

    “If they were involved while on duty, they won’t work here any longer,” said Sheriff Rasco.

    The sheriff would not go into details about the deputies under investigation other than they work for the patrol division.  

    The deputies remain on the job because the matter is not criminal and probe is not finished.  

    FOX13 asked Sheriff Rasco how he would respond to the outsider questioning the conduct of two neighboring law enforcement agencies involved and investigating a sex scandal within the ranks

    Rasco replied, “To be honest with you, some of our people have to decide which way they want to go.”  

    Unlike Olive Branch Police Department, which apparently gave the eight officers accused of wrong doing to resign, Rasco can fire his deputies if the investigation proves wrongdoing.  

    But if any sexual affairs happened while the officers were off the clock, on their own time, the sheriff told FOX13 there is very little he can do short of counseling the deputies on their behavior when not in uniform

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