• DeSoto County Sheriff offering advice to people who may purchase things from others online

    By: Tom Dees


    DESOTO CO, Miss. - DeSoto County Sheriff Bill Rasco is urging people to take precautions when buying or selling things on the Internet.

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    FOX13 found out it is a place specifically designed for that. 

    There are two safety exchange zones in front of the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department.    

    The Sheriff told FOX13 you can meet at this location 24/7 and there is always someone watching. 

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    Sheriff Bill Rasco said if a person is meeting someone they are buying or selling something to, there is always a camera on the side of the Sheriff’s department building pointing at the spaces. 

    “They don’t have to call us and let us know this camera is running 24/7, so if something happens then we will know who is out here and what time of day and everything,” he said.

    Rasco told FOX13 if a person cannot make it to the safety exchange zones at the Sheriff’s Department, they should be careful about the place they choose.

    “It’s got to be in a lighted area. You don’t want to meet on a backroad or in a dark area. You want somewhere where there is people or a lighted area,” he said. 

    Rasco said it is also important to make sure the transaction does not take place at home.

    “That’s not a good idea not at home we see what happens on the internet today what happens after you do and you meet someone to sell a vehicle and you go on a joy ride and you don’t know what happens after that point,” he said.

    These safe exchange zones at the Sheriff’s Office are open 24/7 with a camera on the wall pointed directly at people.

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