Detectives seize Billy Turner’s old car, believe it was used the night of Lorenzen’s murder

Detectives working on the Lorenzen Wright murder case have recovered one of Billy Ray Turner’s old cars.

Investigators believe the Dodge Stratus they confiscated Tuesday is the vehicle used the night of the 2010 murder, according to a neighbor.

The car was found on Turner's cousin's property in Collierville. Detectives discovered it and towed it to evidence in a matter of hours.


FOX13 obtained exclusive video of detectives towing away Turner’s old car. The one police believe he was driving in 2010 when prosecutors say he helped Sherra Wright murder Lorenzen Wright.

“They think that is the car that left the scene. So that's what they're trying to figure out. Because the guy gave them information that when he heard shooting he'd come out and the car that ran over him was a Dodge Stratus,” Darrell said. “And that's the only Dodge Stratus that Billy Ray had. And they said it looks kind of brown, and at night time, looks like it's kind of brown.”

Darrell lives across the street from Turner’s cousin in Collierville.

“I’ve been knowing Billy a long time,” Darrell said.

Tuesday evening, detectives working Lorenzen Wright’s once cold-case, descended on their quiet country street.

“Then they called the crime lab, who came and took pictures. Then they loaded the car up and took it with them,” Darrell said.

Darrell said the car connects to a witness statement from the night of Lorenzen's murder

FOX13’s Zach Crenshaw asked,“and detectives told you that they were looking at it because of the Lorenzen case?”

“Yeah, because they figured that's the car he was driving,” Darrell said.

Darrell said Billy Ray dropped the car off to his mechanic cousin years ago.

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“He brought it to his shop and the car just sat there. And he never came and got it," Darrell said.

The cousin almost scrapped the car after Turner’s arrest in December.

"After you went to jail, he said, he ain't never going to get out. So I might as well junk the car," Darrell said. "That's when I told him, I've seen a report on the news about that car. You better check into that car before you junk it. That's when he checked into it. So, next thing I know the police are here." Now, police have the vehicle and with it, another potentially major piece of evidence for the murder trials involving Billy Turner and Sherra Wright.

“Looks like it went to evidence, and they are going to tear it apart trying to find something,” Darrell said.

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Billy Turner’s cousin was no longer home when we visited the house.

FOX13 is working to learn what, if anything, investigators found inside the car.