• Disappointed with SCS lunches, Memphis mom pushes for change

    By: Kristin Leigh


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A Memphis mother is pushing Shelby County Schools to change their lunch menus, and she says she’s presenting an affordable, healthy alternative at an upcoming school board meeting.

    In a Facebook post Wednesday, Jenice Hill said she was motivated to take action, after she was disappointed with a school lunch her daughter was served last week.


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    “There was nothing on there that was nutritious,” Hill told FOX13, describing a meal of nachos, ground meat, liquid nacho cheese and beans. “There was nothing that had a life-giving source of energy. Everything was dead food.”

    Hill packs her daughters lunches most school days in a Planet Box, filling them with a vibrant selection of healthy fruits and vegetables. She said the average cost is between $2 and $3.50 per meal.

    As a cancer survivor, the mother of two kids said she knows the healing power foods have on bodies of all ages.

    “I know that by eating more fruits and vegetables, your body can change,” Hill told FOX13. “Our DNA and our genes are affected by how we eat.”

    “If we keep putting dead food in our children, then they don't have great brain activity, they can't pay attention, they're tired, they're always sick, and they have allergies,” Hill added.

    Hill said she hopes to encourage the board to educate children and families about proper nutrition, and offer more plant-based meals. She said she’s going to speak at the board meeting on Sept. 26.

    “We look forward to hearing Ms. Hill’s public comments if she decides to attend the board meeting in September,” a spokesperson for SCS said via email Thursday.

    “We certainly encourage all of our parents, community members and stakeholders to be active in our schools in many ways, including voicing their opinions,” the statement continued.

    Hill owns “U Tumble Gymnastics Academy” on East Shelby Drive in Southeast Memphis. She said she hopes her focus on wellness has a ripple effect.

    “Gymnastics is just the catalyst for kids to think I'm cool so they'll listen to me tell them about nutrition,” Hill said.

    “If we can make this world a better place by teaching kids to be healthy, they inspire the next generation,” Hill added. They even inspire their parents to be better.”

    You can view the monthly food menu for Shelby County Schools on the district’s website

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