Disc golf course coming to Raleigh as alternative, unique sport for kids in community

WATCH: Disc golf course coming to Raleigh

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Disc Golf Course is coming to Raleigh as a way to expose children and teens to a sport that's more or less unheard of in their community.

The first step is to place a temporary course there before the permanent one goes in.

The area where it will be placed in is an empty field now, but this weekend, a temporary course will go up at Kennedy Park.

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Kids from Raleigh and neighboring communities will learn how to play the game of disc golf.

A game of disc golf makes a huge difference to the kids in Rhonda Logan's Raleigh community.

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"We just want to make sure that we're giving youth in this community and surrounding communities opportunities other than the streets," said Logan, the president of Friends of Kennedy Park.

That's why she's introducing the sport to hundreds of underprivileged kids in Raleigh. Kennedy Park is offering a free Disc Golf Clinic Saturday morning to the first 25 kids who sign up.

Children 10-17 years old will learn course etiquette and how to play the game.

"Because it is unusual or new to certain communities, our community in particular, so I think that our children will love it. It's a game of precision, they have professional clubs and it can take them on professionally," Logan said.

The sport is similar to golf but requires you to take a plastic disc and throw it into metal baskets.

The goal is to use the fewest possible throws. Sanaria Thomas, a parent, said this gives kids confidence because they can grow in the sport.

"For the exposure being that they may not be as familiar with it, just to kind of broaden their horizon, get involved in things that they might not typically or generally get the opportunity to be involved in," Thomas said.

Children are also going to receive a free golf disc Saturday. The reason they're starting on a temporary course first is to make sure kids are prepared for the permanent one coming soon.

"They may be excited, it may spark an interest in it and that interest may take them further in the sport and it may enrich their life," Thomas said.

The permanent Disc Golf course will not go up until next year.

Saturday's event is from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. at Kennedy Park across from the Alzheimer's Dementia Service, Inc. building near the front of the park.

To reserve a spot for this clinic or for future clinics, email MADGolf901@gmail.com. Email the name of your child, your email or guardian's email and number as well as the child's name.