• Doctor's notes for sale on Facebook in Memphis

    By: Zach Crenshaw


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Get out of work for $15.

    That is what one man was advertising on Facebook. The man claimed he had a doctor’s note, with a signature, from the area’s largest hospital.

    He posted it in a private Facebook group, and said the going rate was $15 for a note. It has since been deleted, but there is no telling how many people may have purchased the phony notes.

    “It's crooked, it's not right,” said Mary.

    People were upset to find out about the Facebook post, which read,  “Doctor excuses from regional one health.. with doctor signature.. inbox me if your in need.”

    “Not surprising unfortunately, it's typical,” said Dave.

    Most people were not surprised by the criminal behavior tied to skipping work.

    “They sell them everywhere,” said a man named Clinton. “I used to work at Chrysler in Detroit. And shoot, you can get a fake note for five to ten dollars.” 

    Regional One told FOX13 in a statement:

    “We are aware someone posted on Facebook offering doctor's excuses for sale last night.  Ray Smith…is not a current or former employee…We will continue to look into the matter…”
    Fake doctors notes are nothing new, they have existed online for years. Facebook groups have made it easier for criminals to sell things, like doctors notes or fake drive out tags.

    “Kind of hard to track down and catch them,” said Clinton. 

    Many people believe though, that while the poster may never be held responsible, employees could easily get busted.

    “Eventually, because if they call in on the doctor’s office they will get caught, fired all that good stuff,” said Clinton.

    “Maybe that just means they'll get fired and I can get their job,” said Dave.

    FOX13 reached out to the Facebook account that posted the notes for sale, but the person behind the account chose not to reply.

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