Driver-less motorcycle flies across median, crashes into family on Memphis interstate

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Disturbing dashcam video of a ball of light crashing into the side of a truck pulling an RV has been released.

The wreck happened Saturday night on I-240 and I-55. It left one man, the owner of the motorcycle in critical condition.

This family who was in the RV were on Spring Break and headed to Alabama for vacation. Those plans were quickly dashed by what witnesses said was a reckless motorcycle rider weaving through traffic at speeds of over 100 miles per hour.

"The motorcycle was traveling northbound on other side of the median. Lost control. The rider jumped off in the median, but left the bike upright rather than lay it down,” Glenn Swaggart, the driver of the truck, explained. "We were traveling in the right-hand lane and caught a glimpse of something off of the median just to our left, and it impacted the truck.”

The damage to Swaggart truck and RV is significant -- $175,000 worth. He said the motorcycle driver did not have insurance.

"My 11-year-old was in the backseat. He saw the trailer as it came through the side of the truck,” Swaggart said. “And, fortunately, he was on the passenger side of the vehicle. Had he been on the driver side of the vehicle, it would've been a dramatically different result.”

Floyd Moore witnessed the accident. He spoke to FOX13 by phone from Nashville.

"So all of a sudden I see these three motorcycles,” Moore said. "One coming right between us, straight down the right lane driving at a high rate of speed, probably I know over 100, 110, 115 miles an hour."

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FOX13 obtained a copy of the police report. In it, there is no mention of motorcycles driving recklessly.
Floyd claims different.

“It was past reckless driving" Moore said.

The Swaggart returned home to Kansas City. They are exploring all legal options to help pay for their truck and trailer. They also said they have yet to hear from MPD accident investigators concerning the wreck.

"There should be repercussions for drivers who choose to take these risks and put other's lives at risk,” Keri Swaggart said.