• Driver speaks out about road rage shootings in Memphis


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A man who fired a gun at a semi-truck on the interstate over the weekend saw a judged Monday in court. Police said before the shooting, he was the passenger in a vehicle cut off by the big rig.

    There are more officers on patrol now, drivers told FOX13 you never know who could be targeted next for something as simple as a fender bender.

    "I was in a small accident, kind of like a fender bender," said Memphis driver Skyler Sheehy.  

    Sheehy said things got heated between her and another woman.

    "She got in raged and she cussed at me. Her face was just belligerent, she actually shoved me. She had an umbrella in her hand and went up against me," Sheehy said.

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    She said when things get that heated, there's only so much drivers can do.

    To keep things safe, Memphis police implemented Operation Safe Travel. The new tactic lets MPD station extra police officers throughout the interstate. 

    MPD said it's for visibility, and to enforce traffic laws.

    Officers said they take aggressive driving seriously. Police asks drivers to be courteous when driving and allow yourself time to make it to your destination, so you don't speed. 

    Also, use your blinker to when changing lanes, and don't ride close to the vehicle in front of you. 

    "We got crazy drivers out there but other than that I am just taking my time to observe my surrounds a little more."

    If someone sees anyone making threats while driving, you should call the police immediately. If possible, police say get a vehicle description.

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