Drivers in north Mississippi are fed-up with potholes

WATCH: Pothole problems in Mississippi

HORN LAKE, Miss. — A north Mississippi town planned to start a two-year project to repave more than 30 streets in Horn Lake last summer.

That never happened, because only one company bid on the project for Horn Lake Road.

>>Pothole with banana tree in north Mississippi might not get repaired anytime soon, officials say

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Now, the city told us all other projects are pushed back.

FOX13 has been told drivers in Horn Lake are fed up with the massive potholes.

Drivers in Horn Lake said if you try to avoid a pothole during peak driving hours, you could hit a car.

“Potholes are so bad that cars come through here swerving, putting our children’s lives in danger,” said local Randy Battles.

FOX13 found a pothole so big in the Twin Lakes subdivision - that it swallowed a shoe, and the shoe was nowhere close to the surface.

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“I don’t believe they are ever going to fix it and when they do fix it they only halfway fix it,” Battles said.

The city told us the work scheduled to be done last summer will now start in November, and the work scheduled to be finished this fall will now begin next Spring.

Alderman Charlie Roberts who pushed for the road repairs told us he doesn’t blame folks for thinking it won’t happen.

“I don’t blame them, because it’s been a long time with this going on and the government isn’t always fast,” Roberts said.

In the meantime, Tawana Johnson said the potholes are damaging her car.

“My alignment is off, and it feels like the shocks are gone. I actually go the back way to my house because going down this street doesn’t work,” Johnson said.

The city said part of the problem is there are not enough asphalt contractors available to do the work that needs to be done.