• Drug operation lands Mid-South teacher and her husband in jail

    By: Zach Crenshaw


    TIPTON COUNTY, Tenn. - A Munford Elementary School teacher was arrested Monday night, according to sources.

    The Tipton County Sheriff's Office booked Jaime Byram, 35, was booked into the Tipton County jail in connection to the manufacturing and sale of drugs. She's been charged with multiple counts of selling drugs, alongside her husband, 35-year-old James Byram.

    Both were arrested in connection to the manufacturing, delivery, and sale of schedule I, IV, and IV drugs.

    District Attorney Mark Davidson outlined what detectives found inside.

    “Ecstasy, LSD, five pounds of marijuana, hash oil, and Xanax,” said Davidson.

    Multiple guns and $20,000 in cash were also found inside the couple's home.

    “They apparently searched the house from one end to another,” said neighbor Doug Justice.

    According to police affidavits, the parents of two young kids admitted to buying and selling marijuana since November of 2017.

    Neighbor Doug Justice had no idea.

    “The only thing we saw was people come over, just like we all do. BQQ's hamburgers, maybe a beer or two,” said Justice. “No in and out all the time, like you would think, if someone was really dealing at their house.”

    Detectives said the couple admitted to using their mailbox to sell drugs.

    Everyone in the area said they were shocked. Jaime is a beloved second grade teacher at Munford Elementary.

    The couple’s children are now being taken care of by relatives while the police continue their investigation. 

    “Do you think a lot of people are nervous right now? Their buyers, their sellers?,” asked FOX13’s Zach Crenshaw. “I would imagine so” said Davidson. 

    TBI agents were in Tipton County Tuesday, but the District Attorney would not say why. The TBI is called on though for all public official misconduct or corruption cases.

    FOX13 has reached out to the TBI for more details about their involvement.

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