• Elderly couple scammed out of $14,000 by tree trimmer in Bartlett, son says


    BARTLETT, Tenn. - An elderly couple was scammed out of $14,000 by a Memphis contractor, according to the couple’s son.

    Michael Till was in shock when his parent told him they wrote a check for $12,000 for a tree trimmer – Henderson’s Tree Service – to cut down about a dozen limbs in their backyard.

    Till told FOX13 his parents were pressured to pay with a check.

    According to Till, the workers had his parents pay an initial $2,000 before starting to trim the trees. Then weeks later, they came back asking to do more work for another $12,000.

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    So, Till’s parents wrote a check to Leon Henderson, who is listed on the tree service.

    "We have had other reputable tree companies look, and they said this is a job between $600 and $800 bucks," Till said.

    Till filed police reports and other documents in an effort to get his parents’ money back.

    The phone number listed on Henderson’s business, but it was disconnected. At the three addresses where Henderson either lived or had listed, no one knew him.

    The company has an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau.

    “I think they need to be in jail,” the couple’s daughter said. “Why is this different from any other crime?”

    To add insult to injury, the city of Bartlett charged the family $400 to clear away the tree limbs because the contractors just left them at the curbside instead of hauling them away.

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