Employee finds hidden camera in women's restroom at DeSoto County business; police investigating

WATCH: Employee finds hidden camera in women?€™s restroom at DeSoto County business; police investigating

HERNANDO, Miss. — A man is in custody after an employee found a hidden camera located in the women’s employee restroom of a DeSoto County business.

According to Hernando police, one of the employees at Moore Advanced – a temp agency located on Highway 51 – found a hidden camera inside the women’s bathroom that was only used by employees.

That employee – Sholonda Williams – told FOX13 she noticed the device after starting to work there in November, but when it remained there for two months and began blinking, she knew something was wrong.

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Williams told police that when she started the job on Nov. 15, she saw a USB adapter plugged into the outlet on the employee bathroom wall. She said that bathroom was only used by the four women who worked in the front of the office.

The two men who work there use the restroom in the back near their offices.

On Wednesday, Williams was leaving work when she went in to use the bathroom around 5 p.m.

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She decided to pull the “adapter” out of the outlet.

When she did, Williams noticed there was a blinking blue light and it made a noise.

At first, Williams couldn’t believe that someone would install a hidden camera in that bathroom.

“I know there is no way these folks have a camera in this bathroom,” Williams said.

Once it made another noise, she plugged it back into the wall.

Then after realizing what it was, Williams said she immediately called police and hired an attorney.

She said that discovery is one she won’t be forgetting any time soon.

“I do now have a fear of public restrooms,” Williams said. “I’m horribly afraid of public restrooms.”

FOX13 crews were at the business Thursday as police searched for evidence. Police did take a man into custody, though that man’s identity was not released at this point.

FOX13 reached out to Moore Advanced multiple times, but they have not gotten back to us.

Williams said she is taking her own actions to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

According to police, Williams believes that one of the male employees was responsible for installing the hidden camera.

Police said Williams saw them “walk in one or two times” before coming back out.

We are still working to learn more about the contents of that camera.