Expert offers advice on how to protect your information from ransomware

WATCH: Protecting your computer from viruses

COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — The town of Collierville is dealing with the Ryuk ransomware virus, which means they can’t retrieve data from its server.

In some cases, businesses and cities are required to pay for their data back.

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A Memphis computer expert said simple things like updating your software, keeping secure passwords and avoiding clicking on suspicious emails will help you.

“Do not click on any links even if you know the person. If they are your family member, call them ask them did you send me this what is it?” said Melanie Suria.

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Suria owns Memphis computer support. She said another way to protect yourself is purchasing a backup.

She suggests one called Crashplan, which stores your information in a virtual server known as the cloud.

It has a 30-day free trial.

“It’s not stored on your computer, so your backup is there, so someone can totally hack your computer and you can get your data back,” said Suria.

She suggests other simple steps like updating your software and keeping secure passwords.

Suria said if your computer has a ransomware virus you should not pay for your data back.

“Shut down the process and call an expert to see what options you have,” said Suria.

She suggests purchasing a backup to make sure your data is more secure.You can find links to different suggested products here.