Expert warns Memphis is crawling with roaches

Expert warns Memphis is crawling with roaches

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — For many people, roaches are an unwanted house guest and new reports say Memphis is crawling with them.

Local experts said even if your home is spotless roaches can still be hard to control.

According to the American Housing Survey Memphis now ranks at the top in cities with the worst roach infestations it also says roaches love living in Memphis because they thrive in hot and wet environments.

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Lanier James with James Pest Management in Memphis told FOX13 that there are thousands of species of roaches but it's the German Cockroach we're most familiar with.

"They have to live inside of a house. They rarely do they ever go outside. You must bring them in. Usually from a grocery store or other places.  They have to be brought in and when they do, and they get in, and they are prolific," said James.

Not only are they pest but roaches can carry more than 30 types of bacteria that can be potentially harmful.  James said one female can lay over 300 eggs in the short over the life span of six months and recommend getting help to get rid of them.

"A lot of people say I can kill my own roaches. It's difficult. They can live in a crack less than a half-inch tall. They can get back in wallboards. They are difficult to find and kill sometimes, the homeowner can spend a lot of money on doing it yourself and still have the problem," said James.

James said if you can layout adhesive traps in your home and if you catch them you may have a problem and should consider contacting a professional to treat your home for roaches.