Memphis Facebook group exposing cheaters was breaking the law

A Facebook group designed to catch cheating men has been shut down, but what happened before its closure could have landed some people in jail.

The group "Sis, Is This Your Man (Memphis)" was private and had more than 43,000 users when it was shut down Wednesday night.
It's unclear why Facebook deleted the group, but FOX13 uncovered some of what went on in the private group was illegal.

People in the group said it was just created in the last week.

The description was simple, “You have a man and wanna see if he’s being faithful…post his pic…” wrote the administrator.

“[It] started off as just pictures of the [boyfriends]. Then in some cases people needed evidence. So they escalated two screenshots and some photos. Then it went into inboxes and explicit things people may not see on a regular basis,” said one member, who didn’t want to be identified.

The woman told FOX13 the group quickly got out of hand.

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“I have seen some explicit pictures and videos. I just scroll by them,” she said.

She likely scrolled past a misdemeanor crime though. In 2016 state lawmakers passed Tennessee House Bill 1244, which made it illegal to distribute intimate images of someone if they thought the image would remain private.

Clearly the men thought photos of their privates would remain private, but the woman FOX13 talked to said it’s a valuable lesson.

“You just have to be careful with which photos you sent,” said

The group’s been taken down, but not before it ended many relationships. However, some fear the breakups will note be not on good terms.

“A lot of domestic violence has probably gone up in the last 24 to 48 hours,” said the woman.

There were posts specifically mentioning domestic violence happening because of the men being exposed in the group.

Police have not confirmed that link though.