Fake bounty hunter threatens local immigrants

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis police told us they are investigating a Facebook video that shows a man claiming to be a bounty hunter threatening to detain undocumented immigrants for custom agents.

A Latino community activist recorded the video that's gone viral.

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“We have been doing immigrant busts for the last month,” said a man who identified himself as Daquawn Simmons to an immigration lawyer with Latino Memphis.

In the video she asked Simmons, “You are not ICE Agents?” “No,” said Simmons. “I am a U.S. States Bail bondsman agent.”

Simmons was heard on the video saying he was a bounty hunter rounding up undocumented immigrants.

“It is just a ‘Hey do you have a green card?’ If not, boom. They’re gone,” said Simmons.

Hispanic activist Jose Salazar recorded the video and posted it on Facebook.

Salazar told FOX13 immigrants inside an automobile repair shop said Simmons pulled a gun and pointed it at them.

He threatened to detain those without a green card for custom agents if they didn't pay him.

"He was trying to extort them for money. He basically had them kidnapped. He told them if they didn't give him $150.00 a person, he was to keep them until ICE come and get them,” said Salazar.

FOX13 called the number Simmons gave the Latino Memphis but it was disconnected.

We called and left a message to the United States Bonding Company that Simmons said he was employed but it has no location listed in Memphis.

Salazar told FOX13 this rogue bounty hunter is an example of how fearful the Latino community is and is creating a vacuum for opportunist.

"I am worried. It will probably happen again, and I am hope. I am there to stop it,” said Salazar.