• Families are tired of blighted properties in Whitehaven neighborhood

    By: Jacque Masse


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - UPDATE -- The City of Memphis released additional statements concerning this problem. 

    Shelby County owned the property located a 3387 W. Rosita until the May 30, 2019 . The Shelby County Landbank sold this property on May 30, 2019, and the new owner just  recently closed on this property on September 6, 2019. The current property owner is responsible for complying with City's Code of Ordinances and the city will begin the process of notifying the new owner. 
    Code enforcement send a notice violations,  if  the violations are corrected with the specified date, no further action will be required.
    If the property is still in non-compliance upon re-inspection on the specified date, the new owner of record will be sited to Environmental Court. 


    The city is preparing an administrative referral to (NPA) for the property located at 3234 Graves Road. The Neighborhood Preservation Act (NPA), gives the city, nonprofits and individual residents the ability to bring a lawsuit against a property owner who has not maintained their property and the property is considered a public nuisance as defined under this statute.  

    Residents in Whitehaven are tired of dealing with abandon homes and blighted properties in their neighborhoods.

    Kimberly Reid and Yvonne Nelson said they have made several complaints to 311 but the blight is still there.

    Reid showed me blight busting out of a shed with tall grass surrounding it off Graves Rd. She lives next door and built a fence, so she didn't have to look at the mess.

    "It's been vacant for so long and it's got critters and animals and sheds and tires half a truck is out there, and they come over into our yard," said Reid.

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    She said the homeowner moved out 15 years ago. Now, the garage is filled with bottles to the ceiling.  

    "It needs to come down or it needs to be empty because it's like a hoarder so it's a fire hazard to us," said Reid.

    A few minutes away there are abandoned homes off Rosita Circle.

    There are several car tires piled up in front of the house.

    Yvonne Nelson of Whitehaven said she's made it her life mission to clean up the city. "We don't want to see people driving down our street throwing trash out we want homeowners to do the best they can with their properties," said Nelson.

    Nelson told us she filed a 311 complaint with code enforcement but the blight is still there.

    "People are getting paid, and they aren't doing their job if I'm going to be out here doing this someone needs to put me on the payroll," said Nelson.

    The city said they are looking over its 311 records.

    Officials with the city also said there is a Progress Grounds Services for high grass at the vacant property off West Rosita Circle. The city told FOX13 they will expedite a contractor to cut the vegetation this week.

    A spokesperson for the City of Memphis gave us the following statement concerning the blighted properties: 

    There is a Rehab file (4142086) that was created in March 2019. A No Progress letter was mailed to the property  owners on August 19th. There is also a Violation Notice to maintain the exterior open shed that was issued on 9-12-19. The follow up date is 9-26-19.  We will have an Inspector to update the Rehab file during the follow up visit. Next steps will be court or NPA.
    The last Service Request for the Grass was closed in March of 2019. We will have Compliance Specialist inspect for high grass on tomorrow.
     to investigate the high grass and backyard debris in the   shed/garage. 

    Accumulation of junk, trash and debris is a violation of the city's code of ordinance. .

    I will update tomorrow after code enforcement completes their follow up inspection.

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