• Family, attorney still waiting for reports one year after death of missing tugboaters

    By: Tony Atkins


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Saturday marks one year since tragedy stuck two local boaters and their families. 

    Keith Pigram and his step-son Anquavius Jamison were working on a tugboat when it sank in the Mississippi River in 2017. 

    ORIGINAL STORY: Man identified after tugboat sinks in Mississippi River

    Pigram's body was never found.

    The Jamison family's attorney told FOX13 they're still waiting on key information about why the boat sank. They're still waiting on reports from the Coast Guard and the National Transportation Safety Board. 

    FOX13 was told the reports can come in any day now and they'll be key in determining if the boat was safe to be out on the water.

    “We’re at mid-December now and we still don’t have me. So, we’re just waiting for them to come out,” said attorney Aaron Neglia. 

    He's been working with Jamison’s family for much of the past year - trying to prevent the tugboat company, Wepfer Marine, from capping their liability payment at $5,000 each. 

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    He said the reports will play a critical part in doing that. 

    “They [Wepfer Marine] filed a limitation action which either limits or exonerated them of any liability,” Neglia said. “they promised they were going to take care of this family when it happened. They still haven’t owned up to it yet.” 

    FOX13 reached out to Wepfer Marine. We have yet to hear back. 

    Neglia said he's hoping to get the reports and bring some closure to the families ahead of the holiday season.

    On Saturday at 5:30 p.m., a vigil will be held for Jamison and Pigram at Tom Lee Park.

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