Family: Criminal history of Martavious Banks doesn't justify MPD officer shooting him

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — There are still a lot of questions about the officer-involved shooting that left a South Memphis man seriously hurt.

OFFICER SHOOTING PROTEST: People have gathered from around the Memphis area to protest after an MPD officer shot and injured Martavious Banks during a traffic stop. The latest info:

Posted by FOX13 Memphis on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Tennesse Bureau of Investigation released Martavious Banks' criminal history Wednesday.

Although, family told FOX13 his criminal history is irrelevant to this case.


Janice Banks said she can no longer talk to the media because an attorney is on board.

Before the attorney stepped in, Martavious Banks’ sister told FOX13 her brother’s criminal history doesn’t justify him being shot by police.

“I say that they going to said anything right now to cover up on their a** when they know that they did not that they did not handle they business right ma’am,” said Janice Banks.

According to Martavious Banks’ criminal history that was just released by the TBI, Banks faced several charges in the past.

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Banks has been charged for driving with a suspended license, violation of probation, aggravated assault, evading arrest, drug charges and domestic violence.

According to an affidavit from September 2016, Banks was involved in a fight with his girlfriend and hit and kicked her in the mouth knocking out some of her teeth. When officers were headed to the scene, they noticed Banks was in a car.

They said Banks drove off when they attempted to make a traffic stop. Janice Banks told FOX13 in an interview this week that her son’s record doesn’t justify the recent officer involved shooting.

“This is bigger than that, this is about the overkill for my child,” she said.

FOX13 is working to learn why officers turned off body cameras before cameras could capture footage of the officer involved shooting that left Banks in critical condition. The shooting happened Monday night on Gill Avenue in South Memphis.

Police Director Michael Rallings said based on the evidence he reviewed, he is not confident that policy was followed.

TBI said it will provide the District Attorney General’s Office with the findings of their investigation.